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  • Infrastructure
    • At least 75% of the province land area is accessible via paved road • At least one (1) Level 3 government-owned hospital and two (2) Level 2 or Level 3 government-owned hospital • At least two (2) public parks • At least two of the following: - One (1) State University and College (SUC) - For HUCs, two (2) public schools - For ICCs and CCs, one (1) public school
  • Financial Management
    • Most recent audit opinion is unqualified or qualified plus 30% of recommendations fully complied with or at least 50% of recommendations have ongoing plans to comply • Compliance with the Full Disclosure Policy • Positive increase in average local revenue growth from 2021 to 2022 • Utilized at least 60% of the Internal Revenue Allotment • Annual budget for 2023 is approved within the prescribed period
  • Environmental Management
    • Provincial solid waste management board with CSO and private sector representatives • Approved 10-year solid waste management plan • Air Quality Index level of at least 100 • Forest cover for entire province of at least 15% of land area • Governing board with NGO, water utility sector, and business sector representatives for implementation of Clean Water Act
  • Disaster/Preparedness
    • Approved 2023 Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (LDRRM) Plan and Budget • Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) • COVID-19 9and other infectious disease) plans • Early warning systems • Established Evacuation Management system and resources • Trained and equipped Search and Rescue (SAR) or Emergency Response (ER) teams • At least 75% of barangays have approved Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CBDRRM) Plans and Budget
  • Health & Pandemic Response
    • Complete Local Investment Plan for Health (LIPH) • At least four of the following: - At most 25% stunting rate among children under five - At least 47.5% of households use safely managed drinking water services - At least 90% Tuberculosis (TB) treatment success rate from 2021 - 2022 - Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Health (DRRM-H) Plans - Organized and trained Health Emergency Response Team on minimum required trainings: Basic Life Support and Standard First Aid - Essential Health Emergency Commodities available and/or accessible within 24 hours - Functional Health Operations Center or Emergency Operations Center - Functional Local Epidemiology Surveillance Unit • At least 70% of local population are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 • At least 75% of barangays have a functional, trained, and equipped BHERT (Barangay Health and Emergency Response Team)
  • Tourism, Culture & Arts
    • Tourism development, at least two of the following: - City Tourism Office or officer - Tourist Information and Assistance center or desks - Tracking System or Tourism Data • Cultural Heritage Promotion and Conservation, at least three of the following: - City Council for the promotion of culture and the arts - At least one or two completed or ongoing projects for the conservation and preservation of cultural property - Cultural Property Inventory - Documented and published narrative of history and culture • For cities/municipalities with eco-tourism initiatives, at least two of the following: - Low-impact eco-tours and facilities - Environmental and Cultural awareness programs - Employ local workers - Partner with local communities and/or Indigenous Peoples (IPs)
  • Safety, Peace & Order
    • Overall Performance Rating (OPR) of at least 85 for the functionality of the Barangay Anti- Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) • OPR of at least 85 for the functionality of the Barangay Peace and Order Committee (BPOC) • OPR of at least 85 in the LupongTagamayapa Incentives Awards (LTIA) • Existing record of barangay inhabitants (RBIs) that is regularly updated every six months
  • Social Protection
    • Functionality of the Violence Against Women (VAW) Desk, at least two of the following: - VAW Desk - VAW Desk Officer who has participated in capacity-building activities in the past 12 months - Submitted VAW Case Quarterly Reports • Access to Health and Social Welfare Services in the Barangay, at least two of the following: - Barangay Health Station - At least one Barangay Health Worker - At least one Barangay Nutrition Scholar - Certification from the City/Municipal Health Officer • OPR of at least 75 (High to Ideal) for the functionality of the Barangay Development Council • OPR of at least 80 (Ideal) for the functionality of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) • Approved Gender and Development (GAD) Plan and Budget
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