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A RESILIENT Leadership


Young but rich in experience, Barangay
Magallanes, Makati Chairperson Alzona has
successfully steered his community through the




The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the country has become the primary concern of the country’s leaders, from national leaders to barangay officials since 2020. And as with other communities, Makati City’s Barangay Magallanes was not spared from the challenges brought about by the pandemic. However, the trying times proved how ready Barangay Chairman Jose Mari Alzona is.

Although new to the position when the pandemic struck, the young barangay chairperson of Makati
says that having been part of the Sangguniang Kabataan and his experiences as a barangay kagawad
prepared him for leadership in the face of a health crisis. Age also played a major role. “The age factor
also helped me to think of ways on how to start mitigating the pandemic,” Alzona says, noting that
youth became an advantage in plotting a pandemic response for his constituents.

As leader of Barangay Magallanes, it is Alzona’s responsibility to provide food supplies and other
daily essentials not just for his staff but also everyone in the barangay. He proved that his young leadership
can do what is needed as long as it is supported with proper communication. When news about
the pandemic broke, Alzona called for a meeting together with other officials and stakeholders, started
planning the modified traffic scheme and procedures in the area, and communicated it with everyone.
Strict health protocols were also implemented. Alzona immediately responded to his staff’s need
for transportation by providing them with a service vehicle to and from the barangay hall. By doing so,
Alzona ensured continuous, umhampered barangay services and his staff are kept safe by using barangay
vehicles rather than commuting.

Alzona also shares how his constituents and the institutions within their barangay held onto each other during the most difficult times. When one of their own tested positive for COVID-19, Alzona proactively had every staff member tested to prevent further spread. Due to the lack of quarantine areas at that time, he found housing for his staff and the church also became their second home when nearby hotels refused to serve as quarantine facilities. Aside from the isolation area provided, Alzona made sure they are provided with food 24/7.

With one third of his staff quarantined, Alzona continued operations to serve the rest of the community. He analyzed ongoing projects and adjusted these to the prevailing situation. By bringing government services closer to his constituents, the young chairman made it much easier for the people to meet their needs during the pandemic.

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