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These LGUs are eager to help their constituents to boost their livelihood and living.

To solve the 14 million liters per day water supply gap in Dumaguete City, Metro Dumaguete Water (MDW) is constructing two new pumping stations with deep wells.

The two pumping stations will be built in Barangays Camanjac and Talay, MDW Spokesperson Kate Young Ricardo said. She also stated, “These additional deep wells will serve the needs of 35,000 households in their service areas.”

Construction is expected to begin in July and Barangay Cadawinonan pumping station will be the first to be constructed, Ricardo added.

“The other reservoir will also follow soon so that MDW can accomplish its target of providing an additional eight million liters of water a day to the city’s current water supply by the end of the year.”

On its recently purchased 1,000 square meter site in that barangay, the MDW formally broke ground for the construction of the Cadawinonan pumping station.

Along with MDW Chief Operating Officer David Barba, Dumaguete City Water District (DCWD) General Manager Roderick Diaz, and other officials, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and Vice Mayor Karissa Faye Tolentino-Maxino attended the occasion.

“This is MDW’s biggest milestone yet as it is expected to generate the biggest impact once completed. Both new water sources will have reservoirs that can each store 3,000 cubic meters of water, especially for peak hours,” Berba stated.

Jointly owned by Metro Pacific Water (MPW) and the DCWD, MDW was founded in 2010.

The DCWD runs the building and other facilities, while MDW is in charge of running the stations.

A change in water pricing was also announced by MDW and would take effect in July.

Ricardo also said, “We have received a notice from DCWD to implement the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA)- approved tariff adjustment effective July 1, 2022. The tariff adjustment will be reflected on the August water bill.”

As of writing, the minimum water charge for residential homes is Php150 per 10 cubic meters. This will be adjusted to Php202.50. According to MDW, the increase for commercial enterprises will be from Php300 per 10 cubic meters to Php405 or 10 per cubic meters.

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