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Youth Serving the Youth


San Rafael, Bulacan’s youngest councilor Jaime “Jolo” Viceo V aims to raise the voice of youth and
support further growth and development in San Rafael, Bulacan by infusing fresh ideas.




Young Filipinos of today are certainly a different breed from decades ago. Many are breaking away from the stereotype story of young people waiting on what the older generation has planned for them. These days, young people opt to take action for themselves. Jaime “Jolo” I. Viceo V, San Rafael, Bulacan’s youngest municipal councilor, is doing just that.

Looking at what the young counci lor has achieved so far, it is hard to belie ve that he is just 22 years
old. Shortly b efore receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies degree from the Ateneo de
Manila University (AdMU), he was elected councilor of San Rafael, Bulacan.

While at the Ateneo, he served as team captain of the AdMU fencing team, leading his team in various
university competitions. He delivered the university’s only gold medal for foil (fencing) at t he 82nd season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). Moreover, he competed for the country, as a member of the Philippine national fencing team (foil discipline), bringing home a bronze medal during the
2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

For Viceo, facing challenges is but second nature. As he opens a new chapter in his life, that of public
service, he takes stock of his remarkable journey, and looks ahead at what he can offer to bring change in the lives of young Bulakeños.

“Ever since bata ako, gusto ko nang maging public servant (Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a public servant),” Viceo shares. Despite speculation that pressure from family members pushed him to run for office, he shares that this was his childhood dream all along.

Indeed, children learn more from parents’ actions than words. Even at a young age, the power of choice had been instilled in his mind and heart. He was inspired by his parents’ choices in serving Bulakeños, as far as he can remember.

Indeed, public service was the essence of his childhood. His mother, Atty. Emily Isidro-Viceo, served as Bulacan 3rd District board member and his father, Jaime Viceo, Jr., served as mayor of San Rafael. He witnessed how .....

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