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Assistant Solicitor General Angelita V. Miranda talks about ensuring the administration of justice.


By Godfrey T. Dancel


When Assistant Solicitor General (ASG) Angelita Villanueva Miranda—whose name literally means “a
messenger of God who is worthy of admiration”—speaks, people listen. Beyond the soft, unassuming
voice is a woman of real substance, a living testament to how personal success could be used in the service
of one’s fellowmen.

Since her appointment as one of 30 ASGs in 2016, Miranda has been one of the more visible ASGs, or top lawyers of the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG). Her involvement in various cases has showcased the important role the OSG plays in the administration of justice in the country. With such, people have become interested in knowing about the OSG.

“The OSG has two primary functions. It is both the Republic’s defender and the People’s tribune,” Miranda states. “As the Republic’s defender, the OSG is the principal counsel for the State, and represents the Government of the Philippines, its agencies and instrumentalities and its officials and agents in any litigation,
proceeding, investigation, or matter requiring the services of a lawyer. As tribune of the People, the OSG is the bastion of justice. The OSG ensures that justice will prevail. When a criminal case is decided against the accused and the latter appeals his conviction, the OSG always represents the People when the case is elevated to a higher court. However, while the OSG represents the People, it will still evaluate whether the required quantum of evidence has been met, that is proof beyond reasonable doubt. If the evidence on record is bereft of moral certainty that the accused is guilty of the crime, the OSG will not hesitate to recommend for the accused’s acquittal.”

The legal eagle highlights the unique function of the OSG as People’s tribune. “The OSG acting as the tribune
of the People, insulates itself from political pressure and acts on its own volition. At times the OSG takes a contrary position to its traditional clients—the government agencies —in order to advance the welfare of the People, and promote the general interest of the State as a whole.”

“The OSG is involved in a variety of cases ranging from criminal cases on appeal, nullity of marriage, land
registration, adoption, special proceedings, and all cases involving constitutional issues. For its part, the Office of the Prosecutor handles criminal cases in the lower courts. But once these are elevated to the Court of Appeals (CA) and the Supreme Court (SC), it is the OSG that represents the People of the Philippines,” Miranda explains.

“You cannot appreciate the beauty of the ocean unless you have the courage to leave the shore.” This quote serves as Miranda’s guide in her .....

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