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Every Filipino Consumer’s Ally


Usec. Ruth Castelo, who heads the
Consumer Protection Group (CPG)
of DTI, provides an explanation
regarding price increases.


By Camille F. Cabal

More and more consumers are alarmed by reports of price increases for various goods, including sugar
and salt. Although price adjustments are natural occurrences in the market, Filipino consumers are concerned about how they can keep up with the rate of price increases.

Undersecretary Ruth Castelo, who heads the Consumer Protection Group (CPG) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), provides an explanation regarding these price increases.

Consumers typically demand answers when they hear news about price increases, especially for basic necessities—essential items that are needed to support life and health, and prime commodities that are not basic but are also essential to consumers, such as sugar and salt. Castelo has stepped forward to reassure them that there is no salt shortage in the country. She continues by stating that the reason for the price hike is that the salt industry has not seen a price movement in the past five to six years. Thus, she recommended to the DTI Secretary the increase in the suggested retail price (SRP) for salt.

She did, however, warn of a potential shortage if the issue of lack of land for salt production is not addressed. Land used by salt farmers and producers is being converted into residential areas. She
adds that additional land for salt production, when complemented with improved technologies, will save both the country and the industry from a supply shortage.

For sugar, DTI shares that they applied the standard strategy of limiting the purchase of one kilogram per buyer to accommodate everyone’s demand. Castelo believes that .....

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