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Congresswoman Cindi King-Chan bares her plans and priority projects for Lapu-Lapu City.

By Lakambini Bautista



Congresswoman Cindi King-Chan of Lapu-Lapu City’s lone district regularly keeps her constituents up to date about her day’s agenda via her Facebook account. She finds social media an effective channel to connect with the Oponganons, since she spends a lot of time in Manila these days to attend Congressional hearings.

The first-term congresswoman has been elected to become vice-chairperson of three committees—Tourism; Welfare of Children; and Women and Gender Equality—causes and advocacies that are close to her heart. She’s also a member of the committees on Visayas Development, Trade and Industry; Micro and Small Enterprises; Disaster Resilience; Basic Education; Games and Amusements; and Transportation.

Chan shared on Facebook some of the highlights of her first month as congresswoman. These include facilitating the initial distribution of financial assistance to Oponganons in partnership with government agencies and the provision of scholarship grants to poor but deserving students.

She also established concrete plans for the construction of multipurpose buildings in various barangays. Together with the DPWH, she inspected and assessed the unfinished road projects. To be better informed about the pressing issues affecting the city, Chan has also met with different government agencies, people’s organizations, and .....

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