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Masantol, Pampanga Mayor Ton Ton Bustos is paving the way for a new generation of public servants in his hometown.


By Ryan Lao


As we face the uncertainties that come with the new normal and the challenges brought about by economic
hardships, a leader with a firm determination, clear vision, and transformative leadership style is a must. Indeed, a man with a comprehensive awareness of the context and landscape of his beloved town, infused with the blood of altruistic public service and dynamic strategic approaches, is an imperative.

The above were clearly the very reasons why the people of Masantol chose Jose Antonio “Ton Ton” C. Bustos to be their new local chief executive. Elected at the age of 21, Bustos holds the distinction of being the youngest mayor in the Philippines today.

A new form of governance that is determined, collaborative, and empowering. These are the qualities of
governance mentioned in the core of Bustos’ inaugural address as he assumed office on June 30, 2022. After being sworn into office, Bustos eloquently said, “Ours is a participative local governance where people are empowered to collaborate with the local government. Ours is a transformative leadership where no one is left behind. Ours is a brand of governance where utmost efficiency, accountability, and transparency shall elevate the lives of our people.”

In his first 100 days in office, Bustos endeavored to set the definite path for “Bayung Masantol,” all through his brand of transformative and collaborative local governance geared toward the realization of his aspiration for the people of Masantol—young and old, women and children, the fisherfolks, the unemployed.

The young leader started by initiating reforms in the bureaucratic process of the municipal government and
mainstreaming empirically based policy measures and .....

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