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Marco Tronqued leads the Manila Yacht Club as a young commodore dedicated to growing the Philippine boating industry.


By Fraulein Olavario


At 37 years old, Marco Tronqued powers up on wavy seas and chases lofty dreams.

The president (or commodore) and chief executive officer (CEO) of the country’s world-class speedboat manufacturer, Tronqued Boats, also steers the Manila Yacht Club (MYC) as its commodore or chief officer, the youngest in the exclusive club’s 95-year history.

Tronqued, whose love for boating and penchant for powerboats he inherited from his father Ildefonso, is no stranger to the MYC as he has been frequenting the club since 2006. He was elected by the general membership of close to 400 as one of its nine directors in 2019 and 2021. And in December 2021, Marco was elected by his fellow directors to take on the presidency.

“I basically grew up in this club. I’ve been here for a good 16 years already, and I’ve seen it all in terms of the members. Some of the members who are way more senior than I am have actually become close to me,”
Tronqued says. “I’m quite familiar already with how the club operates and what is needed for it to move forward. So, I believe I fit in easily and quite well because of the long experience that I’ve had so far with the

With the club’s main objective of promoting sailing and yachting in the Philippines in mind, Marco puts a premium on enhancing the club’s facilities and building more floating docks.

Located in Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard in Malate, Manila, the MYC has a rich history dating back to its founding on January 20, 1927. It was the first “Manila International Airport” at the time when there were no airports in the Philippines, and the Americans, who .....

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