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Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Director General Dr. Eric Domingo
answers our most pressing questions
about COVID-19 vaccines



May you share the scope of your responsibility as DG? I make sure that all of our centers are functioning well, because all the complaints are addressed to me. We have five centers—the center for drugs, the center for food, the center for medical devices and radiation, the center for cosmetics, which is also in charge of all the chemicals, toys, household substances, and then we have our laboratory. Of course, there are directors delegated in these departments, but I want to know what is happening in all of our units,
how many backlogs we have, and find out what is causing the delay.

During this pandemic, I’m on top of everything that is COVID-related—medical devices, drugs, vaccines, and even essential supplies like alcohol and face masks. I have to make sure that the supplies are there, that our grocery shelves are full, and that the people are not having a hard time looking for what they need because of shortages.

Also big part also of what I do is communicating what the FDA is doing and how it affects what’s happening right now. Kasi kung magtatago ka lang sa opisina mo, hindi mo sasagutin ang mga tanong, nagkukulang din ng impormasyon ang mga tao para i-base yung mga desisyon nila. (If I just hide in my office and don’t answer the public’s questions, they will lack the information they need to make the right decisions.) I try to, as much as I can, communicate to the public .......

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