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Mayor Aleli-3

Photo Courtesy Department of Agriculture

The government and the private sector continue to come up with projects responsive to the people’s needs.

A Php200 million smart greenhouse and capability-building project has been awarded to the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Western Visayas to encourage farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors to grow high-value vegetables.

The Western Visayas Agricultural Research Center in Barangay Buntatala, Jaro received a grant from the Republic of Korea through the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) Education Promotion and Information Services (EPIS) to improve small and midsized farmers’ production competitiveness.

Agriculture Secretary William Dar who led the inauguration of the project said, “Malaking tulong sa atin ang project (This project is a big help) so that we can have more production with regard to vegetables and fruits using this facility.”

Smart greenhouses, which are equipped with current sensor and communications technology, automatically record and disseminate information on the environment and crop 24/7.

A smart greenhouse allows producers to reduce labor costs, increase resource and chemical efficiency, and increase output rates by releasing massive plant data.

Growers will be able to plant off-season crops, resulting in year-round production.

The secretary noted in a press conference that Western Visayas is one of the beneficiaries of the initiative, which is also being implemented in Tanay, Rizal, Baguio, and Bukidnon.

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