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The Exceptional One


The goal is to unite people and
promote peace, says Taytay
Councilor Cabral. With all the
undeserved hate and critique
she gets, it’s a feat in itself that
the world hasn’t managed to
break her spirit.





It’s politics,” Taytay Councilor Sophia Priscilla “Pia” Lopez Cabral says, her two words a catchall reason behind her opponents’ mudslinging and rude actions.

Aside from projects, initiatives, and personal posts, the councilor’s Facebook page also contains some video evidence of her opponents’ dirty moves. Among these are blocking her entry into the session hall, turning off her microphone while she presents, and one councilor dancing as she talks on the podium. She shares that they also removed some of her staff, office, and funds. They also removed her as the chairperson of the committees on education and infrastructure.

As the sole councilor not under the banner of the incumbent mayor, these tactics do not surprise nor faze the 28-year-old public servant. Many may cower and accept these circumstances, but Cabral refuses to give in to their bullying. After all, she’s been bullied many times since her childhood and these hardships only made her stronger.

“Our Lord prepared me to be tough. When I was in elementary school, I was frequently bullied. That experience made me stronger, but I never let it alter my values. My character has been forged by fire
and time, but whatever it is you throw at me, I’ll never do the same to you,” the native Taytayeña stresses. “It’s tempting sometimes, honestly, to fight fire with fire. But I just focus on serving the people of Taytay.
‘Di lahat ng issue dapat sagutin. Sagutin mo nalang (Not all issues have to be addressed. Just answer the accusations) through your actions.”

As a young female public servant, she fully recognizes how her
success may intimidate traditional politicians or trapos. After all, how
often do you encounter a town councilor who has managed to reel
in more than half a billion pesos worth of funds and projects for the
benefit of .....

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