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Politics. Business. Corporate Social Responsibility. Marie Loise Ticman-Canson has ventured into all these and more.




In their family’s Rublou Group of Companies (RGC), she leads in various areas. Ticman-Canson is president of Lucky Realty Development Corp., a subsidiary of Rublou, and RGC’s vice president for administration and finance where she oversees various business units, including human resources, marketing, and accounting. At the same time, she is the managing director of the firm’s real estate and leasing group where she looks after their commercial buildings, community markets, and rentals.

Ticman-Canson was born a day before the EDSA People Power Revolution concluded in 1986. “My dad (retired Gen. Luizo Ticman) was a soldier with the Philippine Constabulary (PC) then,” the self-described EDSA baby recalls in the vernacular. “He was in EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, where the revolution took place). While the People Power uprising was happening, his PC unit helped maintain peace and order in affected areas. My mom (Ruby), on the other hand, was in the hospital a few kilometers away waiting to give birth to me.”

Most of her birthdays as a child were celebrated with the country on red alert status. “It was in anticipation of any rallies,” she explains. “It’s like I became allergic to the term ‘red alert’ because my dad will always be away working. He was always out serving the country and the people.” The instability in the country during the late ‘80s almost led her family to migrate at the insistence of her mother Ruby, but
her father did not want to leave as he wanted to be in the country where it matters in times of socio-political upheavals.

“At some point, I hated it, to be honest,” she reveals of her father’s profession. “I barely saw him as a child.” Aside from his police work, her dad was also busy with the family’s business. Ticman-Canson
recalls feeling that her parents worked 24/7 when they established their company in the early 1980s. Her mother also gave up her.....

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