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The people behind the planned progress

President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s rise to the presidency has been popularly hinged on his promise of eradicating corruption and declaring war on drugs. While it can be argued that he has been making

good of his election promises on these aspects, it is surely not the only thrust and focus of the administration. For a nation to prosper, a conducive climate for economic development is a necessity. His economic governance style has been dubbed “Dutertenomics,” a recently coined term associated with many things, but foremost, to usher in the “Golden Age of Infrastructure.”

Why infrastructure? Because it is the single most problematic aspect of the economy that has been thoroughly neglected, and even compounded, by past presidents. Think: How can goods be transferred from one place to another with the traffic, problematic road systems, air traffic congestion, seaport problems, and many others? And that is just one aspect of infrastructure that needs a lot of attention, to say the least.

This vision can only be achieved by a team of economic managers that will serve as Duterte’s main men. Let us take a look at the “who’s who,” the people responsible (and accountable) to the Filipino people

in ensuring that in six years, all of the plans for the economy will come into fruition.

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