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Beauty that defies odds

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An entrepeneur shows how private corporations can help and inspire single mothers and women

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Aiza Diuco, founder and CEO of beauty and wellness company “Age Defying Solutions,” has long recognized the crucial role that women play in society. Women, especially in the Philippines, have been
acknowledged as the heart of the family, the nurturer, the encourager, the inspiration. But with so many Filipinas going through hard times and trials, they can easily lose hope and sink into desperation.

Seeing how life’s difficulties have become stumbling blocks, Duico established The Glupa Women’s Club in March 2018. A club by “women for women,” it is a venue where “women can help each other rise by
sharing their skills and know-how, by mentoring, and volunteering their time to ensure that every woman is given a chance to have a better future.”

The Glupa Women’s Club focuses on the needs of single mothers, whom Duico believes to be the most
neglected sector in the country. “They face challenges,” she explains. “They need to take on the roles of
both mother and father. They have to take care of the kids and provide for them – mentally, emotionally,
financially, etc.” Duico can truly identify with this situation, as being a single mom herself, she had
experienced the loneliness and the helplessness. She also went through the struggles of juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship. She adds, “So now that I’ve been able to find success in business, I want other women to see and know na kaya din nilang tumayo(they can do it themselves).”

Initially, the club was simply one facet of her company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. But because of how it could potentially impact the lives of women in the city, she expanded its reach and scope. Partnering with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and local government units (LGUs) to host seminars and workshops, the club launched sessions about discovering one’s self, personality development, confidence building, communication skills enhancement, and even practical tips for personal grooming.

Duico continues, “I started with these because I discovered that many single moms are victims of
abandonment and abuse, and the lingering effects of these issues have to be addressed. You
feel broken, your confidence eroded. No one wants to be a single mom. I’m sure all of them dreamed of having the perfect, complete family, but it’s not possible. So, I wanted to address the emotional issues first and hosted the first personality development seminar at Green Sun for them early this year.”

After dealing with these issues, Duico is now laying down the foundation for entrepreneurial skills through training programs involving modules that will help the women earn their keep. Some
of these livelihood training programs are soap-making and baking, businesses that they can do at home, so that they can be with their family while providing for them.

“We started these training programs in Marikina because that’s my home, that’s where I grew up and where my business and plant are located. I want to give back to the community that has been very supportive to me and my company. Charity starts at home di ba?” Duico remarks. “I partnered with the
local government of Marikina and reached out to the head of DTI and TESDA in the city.

Soon, we will be hosting a class for 100 single moms, focusing on entrepreneurship. Marikina
has a list of single moms who are registered so that helps us greatly in contacting them.”

But Duico’s efforts at helping women do not stop there. From Marikina, she has had initial
talks with the local governments of Quezon City and Cainta to expand the program to these cities, too. Likewise, as part of the club’s “Elevating Womanity campaign,” she has given talks to students of the Philippine Science High School regarding gender sensitivity and gender discrimination, an advocacy
which she champions in line with enabling women.

On a larger scale, Duico emphasizes, “The Glupa Women’s Club aims to empower and bring women
together. My vision is to have different chapters in different regions across the country, serving women even in the far-flung areas. I also want to go global, especially helping OFWs who are single moms.
They dream of returning to the country, but for economic reasons, they can’t. So we want to provide them with the skills and opportunities for them to succeed here as well.”

For more information and details about joining the club, check out Glupa Women’s Club on Facebook and Instagram.

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