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Barangay Capt. Benhur Cruz is on a quest to
bring Poblacion, Makati to new heights,
preserve its roots, and unite its people




In just the span of a few years, Brgy. Poblacion has rapidly grown into a thriving business and cultural hub that caters to
tourists and locals alike. With its streets full of restaurants and bars, the once sleepy barangay has transformed into the place
to be, especially for foodies and alcohol enthusiasts. And in the center of it all is none other than Brgy. Capt. Benhur L. Cruz.

Since assuming office in 2010, Cruz has actively sought for a ch ange
in Brgy. Poblacion’s image. For him, pre-existing establishments, such as El Chupacabra and Heckle and Jeckle Sports Bar, are huge factors on how Poblacion achieved the “facelift” it needs. But he
knew that in order to flip its image completely , he would have to open its doors to everyone. In the barangay’s mission and vision, you could clearly see that one of their objectives is “conducive
environment for business to flourish.”

As the center of Makati, its prime location has not gone unnoticed
by entrepreneurs and so it didn’t take long until its streets were crawling with people in search of great food and drinks. Dozens
of establishments have opened up in Poblacion since Cruz became
barangay captain.

Of course, hand-in-hand with its development, a problem arises for the community and his office to resolve—noise pollution. “Poblacion is like a province within a city. We’re used to the silence,” Cruz says.
He notes how drunken customers would often make noise until the wee hours of the morning. “So
the once quiet Poblacion is now disturbed,” he adds.

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