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Young visionary, Mayor Christian Natividad, leads Malolos City, Bulacan, in its pursuit of social reform




Some people buckle down under pressure; some wouldn’t even think of going through it and quit. Only a few dare venture and come out of it victorious. One of them is Christian Natividad, the incumbent mayor of Malolos City.

The son of the late Congressman Teodulo “Teddy” Natividad, Christian grew up with his grandparents, mother Matilde, and brother Chester. He only saw his father once or twice a year on special occasions as his father had to attend to his busy political life and his first family.

Despite that, Christian didn’t hold any grudge against his dad but looked up to him with much pride and reverence. During the interview with LEAGUE, his face beams as he reminisced about
his father, his accomplishments and vision for the province of Bulacan.

“The greatest inheritance I got from my father is not the material things he gave me but my character. Who I am now is because of him,” says the local chief executive.

It was no surprise that at age six, he wanted to be a politician like Cong. Teddy; he wanted to be a mayor. His father was against it and so were the odds. With his stature then, it proved to be a difficult climb. As it was with transforming Malolos into a progressive city that it is now.

A believer in the importance of education, his parents ensured he received the best education.
He went to private schools up until college.

At 19, this third-year college student had to man up when his dad died of prostate cancer, leaving him and his family with nothing. He promised his mom that he would send his younger brother, then on his third year in high school, and himself to school. He learned to juggle work and his studies selling encyclopedias during the day and was the guitar man for a band at night. He followed a punishing schedule; leisure became a luxury.

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