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Moving Forward

Mayor Aleli-3



The Provincial Government of Antique, presided by Governor
Rhodora “Dodod” Cadiao, led the food supply and financial
assistance program last November 13. The food was given to
members of the Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, and
other related agencies tasked with keeping the peace and order
and public safety of Antique. There were P500,000 worth of food
supplies, consisting of 120 bags of rice, noodles, canned goods,
biscuits, coffee, and candies. Advocating for the continued peace
and order of the province, Governor Cadiao allocates budget for
the peacekeeping bodies who go to mountainous areas in Antique.
On the other hand, the financial aid amounting to P84,000 was
awarded to 29 recipients of the Kabalaka Kang Gobernadora sa
mga Lolo kag Lola Program and to the five chosen recipients of
the Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS). A wheelchair was
also given to a disabled resident of Patnongon, Antique.

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