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Promoting and Championing Public Service

Mayor Aleli-3

In the southwest corner of Metro Manila, the highly urbanized city of Muntinlupa stands tall. It is regarded
as the gateway to one of the country’s important economic zones, and home to the busiest commercial
establishments and most expensive residential communities.




Envisioned as a city soaring into progress through public service, Manuel Amorsolo, son of national artist Fernando Amorsolo, was commissioned to create the then municipality’s seal, which features a Philippine Eagle. The strongest and the highest-flying bird of the Philippine Republic symbolizes the citizenry’s aspiration to make Muntinlupa one of the leading investment hubs in the country, and inspires its current
leadership to deliver excellent public service.

“The City of Muntinlupa has realized unprecedented development and changes over the years,” Mayor Jaime “Jimmy” Fresnedi tells LEAGUE. “Our current projects on education to empower our youth and
infrastructure projects to catalyze economic and social growth, are all part of our roadmap to actualizing the vision of making Muntinlupa one of the leading investment hubs in the country with educated, healthy,
and God-loving people.” The lawyer has been at the city’s helm for three consecutive terms and has pillared his plans on his Eight Point Program of Governance that is focused on education, health, peace and order, social welfare and housing, local governance, economic development, clean and green
environment, and urban housing.

Mayor Fresnedi considers his multisectoral involvement as one of his biggest achievements. His approach
includes establishing relationships and connections with sister cities, local and abroad, where he and partners facilitate linkages to open up opportunities.

The Fresnedi government reports an estimated and astounding 2.3% growth in
business over the past five years with an estimated growth of capitalization of new businesses
at 250% from 2014 to 2017. It attributes its progress to the “booming landscape” of dealers, retailers, and serviceoriented establishments. The city government says it complements the trust business groups place in the city by being a growth driver for business thereby encouraging more investments and increasing employment opportunities. This local economic development is sustained through participatory governance – that is working with other local government units (LGUs) to “open productive avenues for tackling common concerns” so it can “advance local economic development” to its stakeholders.

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