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Calista is making waves once again this year with the release of their first Tagalog single, “Ugnayan” a moving dance track about the struggles of long-distance relationships.



The six-member girl group is confident that their fans will adore this song because it is very Filipino, danceable, contains numerous beats, and has an OPM-inspired vibe. Anne, Olive, Laiza, Denise, Elle, and Dain are confident that this latest single will be a success due to its distinctive beat and tagalog vocals.

According to the group, their music is not typical. “Ugnayan” differs from their previous singles, “Race Car” and “Don’t Have Time,” because of its powerful message butits catchy rhythm and fresh beats still make it appealing to youthful listeners.

Although “Ugnayan” is a love song about an LDR (long-distance relationship), according to Olive, this does not only apply to couples but also to families with OFW parents. The song asserts that connecting with one another is never a problem because technology connects people. “Distance should never be a problem because technology will connect you to each other, and even if you’re not connected by technology, your hearts are still connected,” explains Olive.

Dain agrees that “Ugnayan” is about a deeper connection. She says, “Even if you can’t see your loved ones, you can still imagine seeing them in every corner, because your connection is not just through technology or the internet, but through the heart.”

The group spent four to five months preparing for the song and only half a day recording it.

They would also like to relate the song to the group’s bond and sense of camaraderie. The one year they have been together, according to Olive, is enough for them to know each other very well. “Our relationship has grown to the point where we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we know how to highlight them for the group’s benefit.”

Anne jokes, “With how close we are, it would seem that we are interconnected all the way to our insides, as Elle and I would sing and speak in unison.”

They disclosed to the LEAGUE that they help one another not just with their performances during practices but also with their school assignments.

They would also like their fans to know that “Ugnayan” is Calista’s message to them. According to Denise, they are close with their fans. “We respond to them frequently, and due to our busy schedule, we sometimes respond at odd hours.”

Elle asserts that one of their priorities is to strengthen their relationships with their fans. “We regularly interact with them, either in person or through social media.”

Anne believes that their fans are also like their friends or siblings that they want to build stronger bonds with because “They are the core foundation of our success.” But they know that their connections with their fans are sometimes limited because of their busy schedules which often clash with those of their fans.

Calista is ecstatic and optimistic that “Ugnayan” will be a success. They are excited to see how their fans respond to their newest single. “I think our fans will respond positively to our newest song because it sends the right message that love is the best thing that connects everyone,” Laiza says.

“Ugnayan,” which means connection, was composed by Telly Tanan, while the rap part was composed by Dean Villareal of the P-Pop boy band Eclipse. The song was arranged by Marcus Davis, who also helped create their previous singles. This was produced by Merlion Entertainment, with Arnie Mendaros and Annie Quintos as vocal coaches.

Race Car was the debut single by Calista and their subsequent release was “Don’t Have Time.” At the seventh annual PPOP Awards, one of their two Christmas singles, “Christmas Rush,” was named Best P-Pop Song of the Year for the 2022 Christmas Theme. “Christmas in the Philippines” is their second Christmas single.

Merlion Entertainment manages Calista, whose songs are produced by Merlion Music, which was named “Pop Music Production Company of the Year” during the seventh PPop Awards. Visit their website at and follow them on all their official social media accounts: Facebook : CALISTA PH, Twitter: @CALISTASOCIALS, and Tiktok/Instagram : @CALISTAMUSICOFFICIAL

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