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Carren Eistrup

Merlion artist Carren Eistrup shares her love for singing and being discovered by the production company.



Eat Bulaga’s newest host is a talented teen from Cebu who is just beginning to develop her abilities. Carren Eistrup, who others say resembles American pop star Miley Cyrus in appearance, also possesses much talent. Carren, half-Danish and half-Filipino, was discovered for her singing ability.
She has participated in singing competitions since the age of seven. “Pinag-workshop po ako ni mommy nung 5 years old, kaya sabi po niya since may potential po ako, pwede daw po ako mag-sali ng competitions. (My mother enrolled me in singing workshops since I was 5 because she recognized my great potential as a singer; which is also why she allowed me to join competitions),” recalls the most recent grand prize winner of Eat Bulaga’s Bida Next. Things moved much faster than Carren had anticipated. It didn’t take her long before Merlion, her producer, discovered her in Cebu and helped her in getting her big break. “We are grateful to Merlion for making the effort to visit me and my mother in Cebu, and persuading us to sign a contract with them,” Carren says of how she got started with Merlion.

Her first project with Merlion was joining Bida Next; “Bida Next” is Eat Bulaga’s talent search to find the “next big thing” to join the show as one of the co-hosts. Carren never expected to win the grand prize because she says “the other competitors were so good.” She was only 13 when she competed and won. Eat Bulaga chose Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” as her final performance piece; that somehow bolstered her image as the “little Miley Cyrus.”

She is delighted that the hosts and talents of Eat Bulaga have warmly welcomed her as their newest
“Dabarkads.” She claims that being invited to the room reserved for hosts only and welcomed to eat with them is proof of her status as an official member of the team. She told the LEAGUE that Ryza, one of the Dabarkads, is her closest friend because they are always paired up to appeal to the Gen Z audience.

Carren is only 14 years old, but she is so confident and at ease in front of the camera when she hosts and sings. Carren admits that she is not confident in speaking or hosting, especially if she is given on-the-spot spiels, because she is not comfortable speaking Tagalog since she was born and raised in Cebu. “Even reading Tagalog words causes me to rattle at times. I don’t know how to pronounce or syllable the words correctly. But I ask the writers to brief me and allow me to read the spiels first so that I can make my ad-libs,” Carren shares.

Carren does not wish to confine her career to singing alone. She desires to become an actress, particularly in television series. She hopes tosomeday play leading actress roles, but others claim that her appearance is more suited to that of a mean girl, or “kontrabida,” which she does not object to. “Minsan, mas sumisikat yung kontrabida (Villains are sometimes more popular),” quips Carren.

She also hopes to have endorsements for food, skincare, and clothing brands. When asked of her goal in the next five years, Carren says, “I want to be known as more than just an artist with a pretty face; I want people to know about my talent. I also hope to see myself on billboards and advertisements.” Carren is still a student, but she opts to take her classes online to accommodate her busy schedule, especially with the daily work at Eat Bulaga.

This is just the beginning of Carren’s rise to stardom, and she knows she could not do it without her mother’s support, who has been by her side ever since. She is also grateful to Merlion, for believing in her potential and talent; and to her supporters, who have been with her from the beginning.

She encourages all young ladies who aspire to be artists to never give up because there will always be a time for them. She claims that there are always reasons why things happen, “The Lord is giving us the opportunity to shine. Never give up on your dreams. Be committed and determined to what you are doing.

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