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Albay Barangays Receive Water Supply Systems

Bringing hope and hydration to Albay's barangays! Thanks to the dedicated efforts of AKO BICOL Party List, led by Representative Elizaldy Co, water supply systems have been constructed across the province. No longer will residents have to embark on arduous journeys to fetch clean water.

These systems, strategically placed along roadways, ensure easier access not only for targeted communities but also for nearby sitios. With Level-2 Solar Powered water systems gracing barangays like Humapon, Maslog, Bolo, and Taysan, and a Level 1 system serving 2,000 evacuees in Guinobatan, this project represents a commitment to bettering lives and fostering well-being.

Co said in a statement: “This project is a testament to our commitment to the welfare and development of our constituents. By addressing the long-standing water challenges, we are fostering a better quality of life for the residents and contributing to their overall well-being."

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