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National Heroes Day

Every last Monday of August, we honor the efforts of all Filipino heroes who contributed to the struggle for the nation's freedom. We pay tribute not only to well-known heroes, but more importantly, to the not-so-publicized ones, so that they may not vanish into anonymity.

This year, we continue to pay tribute to our everyday heroes who have helped—and continue to help—us face the COVID-19 pandemic and pave the way to the new normal. We salute our healthcare workers who continue to heal the afflicted and give us protection via immunization. We also recognize the efforts of our teachers who now face the challenge of keeping learners safe as they go back to face-to-face classes. We stand with all workers who endeavor to bring the economy back to health.

This National Heroes Day, League Magazine also encourages everyone to be heroes in their own ways, and to do their share in nation-building.

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