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LTFRB Chairperson Teofilo Guadiz III

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LTFRB Chairperson Teofilo Guadiz III understands that modernizing jeepneys is just one piece of the puzzle. With drivers earning as little as Php300 to Php400, it's challenging to prioritize modernization. A family of five needs Php25,226 monthly for a decent life in Metro Manila, according to the Ibon Foundation.

Guadiz emphasizes the importance of providing alternative livelihoods for displaced drivers. He advocates for everyone to lead decent lives, not just modern bus owners. The "enTSUPERneur" program, launched by DOTr, DOLE, and LTFRB, offers hope to affected drivers with initiatives like food carts, skills training, and livelihood assistance.

While improvements are underway, Guadiz acknowledges that passenger access to the EDSA Bus Carousel must be made convenient and safe, especially for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The government is actively seeking solutions to enhance connectivity between buses and Metro Rail Transits (MRTs)/Light Rail Transits (LRTs). Chairperson Guadiz remains committed to making public transportation accessible and equitable for all.





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