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Summer loses its charm in the scorching heat, but you don’t need to stay indoors to escape it.If the temperature becomes unbearable, consider exploring Don Salvador Benedicto for a refreshing adventure!

Why Don Salvador Benedicto? It’s an ideal place to escape from the scorching heat!This municipality has an average temperature of 16 to 27 degrees Celsius, earning the official title “Summer Capital of Negros Occidental.” By its nickname alone, you can tell that people here enjoy fairer and chilly weather, with most of its residents omitting the use of air conditioning units.

Exploring the vibrant town of Don Salvador Benedicto is a breeze. Read on to uncover the must-visit spots in this charming destination.


This spot in DonSalvador Benedicto is not intended to imitate theo ne located in Baguio City. It is actually a joint project between Bacolod City Host Lions Club of the Philippines, Kao Shiung Port Lions Club of Taiwan, and Icheon Lions Club of South Korea.

Located in Purok Talus, Barangay Igmaya-an, the viewing deck offers panoramic views of lush mountains, a terraced rice field, the Talus River, and the Padre Pio Church and garden below. This 500-square-meter lot, donated by the Dela Cruz family, serves as a memorial providing recreation and socio-cultural opportunities for the people of Don Salvador Benedicto.


Anyone with a thirst for real adventure will be spoilt for choice at Don Salvador Benedicto. Make your first stop at the Lantawan viewing deck for a breathtaking view of Malatan-Og Falls.

This tall and majestic waterfall cascades down at around the same height as a four- to five-storey building. If the Lantawan deck is crowded, you can also catch sight of the waterfalls from the line of restaurants along the road.

If viewing the falls from a distance isn’t enough, why not trek to it? Keep your adrenaline levels at a high on a 25-minute downward trek along the edges of

Malatan-Og Falls. This short route ends with a refreshing dip in the cool waters.

If you still have energy to spare, continue on for another two hours to reach two more natural

wonders: Nursery Falls and Kawa Falls.


There’s more to explore to your heart’s content in Don Salvador Benedicto. Beyond its stunning waterfalls, the municipality boasts of the enchanting Maglahos River Tunnel at Purok Manihan, Barangay Bunga. This hidden gem of a river, looking straight out of a fantasy, flows through natural rock formations, creating a unique tunnel.


Step into a scene straight out of Taylor Swift’s Folklore album with the enchanting Pinewood Forest in Don Salvador Benedicto. Though not originally intended as a tourist spot, its serene and calming ambiance draws both locals and visitors in. Some residents even choose this picturesque location for their pre-wedding photoshoots.

The famous Pinewood Forest is actually privately-owned, but the owners are kind enough to let everyone relax and take in the scenery for free! Be sure to add this stunning spot to your weekend plans, as it’s only open to the public on weekends.

These activities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enjoying Don Salvador Benedicto. Indulge in the distinctive flavors of fresh, locally sourced food items that’s unique to this charming municipality. Who knows what other fresh adventures await you once you arrive?

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