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Baguio City urges early preparations for La Niña following effects of El Niño


Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has urged preparedness for the upcoming La Niña phenomenon, emphasizing the need to mitigate potential casualties and property damage. To address climate change challenges, Baguio City has implemented strategies under the “Making Cities Resilient (MCR) 2030” program.

The objective is to strengthen the city’s resilience against the impacts of climatic anomalies by 2026. The program is built around three stages: Stage A (Cities know better), Stage B (Cities plan better), and Stage C (Cities implement better). As more cities reach Stage C, it signifies the successful implementation and establishment of disaster risk reduction (DRR) strategies and resilience measures.

In a bid to strengthen emergency response efforts, Mayor Magalong introduced the “orange bag” project. This initiative mandates barangays to maintain accessible emergency kits for life-threatening situations during calamities. Infrastructure enhancements, including rehabilitating and maintaining drainage systems, waterways, and slope protection mechanisms, are already in progress.

Barangays are being prepared through ongoing capacity-building initiatives and public awareness campaigns. Seminars conducted by the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office have equipped barangay officials with essential skills in DRR and climate change adaptation. This aims to enhance the readiness of barangay response teams to effectively tackle emergent challenges. The city’s concerted efforts and strategic planning aim to foster resilience and sustainability in anticipation of the upcoming season.

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