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The Mangrove Stewards of Ibajay, Aklan


Ibajay Mangrove Forest, also known as Katunggan It Ibajay (KII), situated nearby the famed Boracay, stands as one of the backbones of mangrove ecotourism, providing livelihood to nearby barangays of Bugtong Bato and Naisud.Managed by organizations like the Bugtong Bato Fisherfolk Association (BFA),KII embodies a community-driven approach to sustainable ecotourism and mangrove conservation. BFA members educate fellow residents and visitors on the importance of mangrove forests in preserving coastal ecosystems and supporting local livelihoods. BFA initiatives benefit local residents and instill a sense ofownership and responsibility for mangrove forests. With over 70 active members, the association promotes sustainable practices like responsible fishing, mangrove reforestation, and ecotourism.

In a significant step towards mangrove rehabilitation, One Meralco Foundation funded the planting of 50,000 mangroves in KII in 2023, expanding opportunities for local tree farmers and reinforcing the resilience of coastal communities against environmental calamities. As climate change continuously threatens our ecosystem, mangrove stewards of Barangay Bugtong Bato stand as inspiring examples of community-driven conservation efforts in protecting our country’s precious mangrove ecosystems for the next generations to come.

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