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The Millennial Leader

Mayor Aleli-3

Silang, Cavite Vice Mayor Aidel Belamide talks about
jumpstarting the next generation for strong governance and how he's helping
to shape a brighter future for their town.


Mayor Aleli-1


Silang, Cavite Vice Mayor Aidel Belamide warmly welcomes everyone to his office with a handshake, a
wide smile, and eyes sparking joy and passion. His cordiality eased us into a lengthy conversation that
revealed his beginnings as a scholar and his present life as the second highest official in his hometown.
His profession showed in the way he spoke—well-versed, informative, and full of details that made his
story as vibrant as it’s inspirational.

The 32-year-old politician leads by his brand as “Teacher ng Bayan,” and “Leader ng Kabataan.” He
wants to teach the principles of good governance not just to the people, but to the whole council
as well. “I want to develop the council in such a way that we follow these principles. I’m coming from
the belief that the Sangguniang Bayan is the council of the people Bayan is the council of the people,
for the people. From the word itself, sangguni, which means to refer. Hence, kapag may tanong
o problema ang bayan, sa amin sumasangguni (when the people have a question or a problem, they consult us),” he says.

At age 15, Vice Mayor Aidel served as the Sangguniang Kabataan Municipal Federation President, his
first foray into politics. His term lasted until 2007, back when he was juggling his responsibilities as a
student and as a young leader. Two years later, then-21-year-old Aidel was tapped to run for a seat in the
council. Fresh out of the University of the Philippines-Los Baños where he studied Communication Arts,
young Aidel, though grateful for the opportunity, felt unprepared to take on such a post. “I was presented to the rest of the political leaders of our town, but even if I had that meeting, I was half-hearted,” he recalls. Unsure of what to do next, he went from church to church to find counsel in the divine. Little did he know that the answer will be served right up to him in his last destination.

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