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(Province Edition)

Mayor Aleli-3

Which province in the Philippines is the richest, largest, most
populated, has the most number of barangays, is the most
business-friendly, produces the highest amount of rice, is the
most competitive, and is the most popular tourist destination?
We give you a quick rundown of these provinces:

Mayor Aleli-1


1. PINAKAMAYAMAN/ Richest Province
The Queen City of the South continues to reign
supreme over the whole archipelago as it tops the list
of wealthiest provinces. Cebu has assets amounting to
P34.14 billion, according to the 2017 annual financial
report of the Commission on Audit (COA). It was also
the richest province in 2017 with P32.43 billion.

The P1.7 billion increase in Cebu’s assets from 2016
to 2017 is higher by P1.7 billion shows how formidable
and driven the provincial government is. Cebu lords
over all other provinces as its assets are three times
more than that of Rizal, the second in the wealthiest
provinces list, which has assets of P18.95 billion.
With added business expansions all throughout the
province, plus the new Mactan-Cebu International
Airport Terminal 2, Cebu is all set for greater heights
and even higher assets.

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